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Impending Disaster   Leave a comment

This is the title of my new short action/adventure story. It is based on fiction, and something I hope never comes true. However, what with all the cutbacks in government services in numerous countries, what I have written could well happen. Cutbacks can well save money, but can also prove more costly in the long term. But more importantly, whereas money, can be replaced,  life once gone, has gone forever.

From the feedback I have so far received, it suggests my book could prove interesting to a wide range of readers. Also, for what it’s worth, my wife thinks it’s the best book I have yet written. After its release on the 22nd April, only time will tell if they are right or wrong. Either way, I have enjoyed writing it, and since getting it professionally edited, am well pleased with the results. For those interested, the book cover was designed by Marooh, via a gig on Fiveer. He has  prepared several of my books covers, which I have been well pleased with.

Re my writing, I am looking for someone prepared to assist in making an audio version of my recent novel, A Dangerous Love affair. If interested check it out on Amazon ACX. Please note the book contains erotica, and requires in my opinion, a male reader, who can talk in both male and female voices.

Once it is released,  I will also put my latest book, Impending Disaster on Amazon ACX.  As it is a short book of approx 8,000 words, I think it could be highly suitable as an audiobook. This could turn out an excellent project for someone willing to take a gamble on its success. Below is an excerpt from the book.

Ian, Mark and Jane were enjoying a pleasant sightseeing trip over the mountains. All of a sudden, as they flew through some light hazy clouds, it turned into a nightmare. Their light banter changed to shrill cries of alarm as the windscreen cracked, with blood and feathers flying everywhere.They had flown straight into a flock of geese. Mark gasped in horror as one bird flew beak-first into the cockpit screen. Already damaged, it broke under the impact with the now dead bird’s head stuck partly inside. With the single-engine Cessna Skyhawk engine jammed, and damaged wings, the plane plunged down towards the tree-clad mountaintop.

For those interested in making an audio of either book, please contact me.


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Writing the pros and cons   Leave a comment

Writing, this can prove (if you’re lucky) a profitable way to spend your time. You could even end up as the next best-selling author with a fortune in the bank. However, these people are few and far between. Most authors and we are talking of hundreds and thousands, never even make enough money to cover their costs.  Everyone has some idea in their head about writing a book, which these days can be achieved in a short space of time. That is unless you decide to write a novel of 80,000 words plus. A short story can be completed and self-published within one month. Even if you can’t type, there are voice activated programs that take away all the hard work. With practice, these programs can save an enormous amount of time. I recommend you check out the various programs available. Another thing you can do to help better possible sales, before starting to write, check out what genre is the best seller. It is no use writing a book that only a few if anyone would like to read.

Once you start writing your story novel or whatever, never give up. Even Ernest Hemmingway had to rewrite many of his writings before he was satisfied with it. On completing and trying to get it your book published, think of JT Rowlings. She had over ten publishing companies reject her work before one finally accepted it.

Although there are numerous ways of self-editing, whichever you use, the golden rule is, get it professionally edited. Despite always saying this, after having my latest book edited, I then made numerous changes. Instead of having it re-edited, I ran it through an online editing program. I thought the result looked good, but on sending it for review, I found I had made a colossal mistake. My story contained numerous errors and required re-editing. Fortunately, I had the time to get the book professionally edited before its release late next month. Given this, in future, I must remember to practice what I preach.

The cost of editing varies considerably, so check and get advice from someone who was pleased with the result received. On another note, there are different types of editing, so first check out which kind you want. A point re-editing is that you must be prepared for some changes to your story. Just remember you are paying for their advice. If you are not prepared to accept what they say, you could well end up disappointed. Saying this, providing you make checks before accepting their offer to edit, it is unlikely you will be. Remember, you do not have to blindly take notice of everything an editor suggests. The final say is yours alone.

If you are not satisfied with your ability to write, you can even have your work carried out by a ghost-writer. I have not tried this method, but it is another possibility to consider.

Once your story is complete and edited, you then have to decide how to get it published. As previously mentioned, self-publishing is pretty straightforward. However, if you want to try and get a publishing company interested, then that’s a different situation. Many of the major companies only accept submissions via an agent. This, countless authors including myself, have found far from easy. In general, agents receive so many submissions, unless your inquiry letter is good enough to catch their eye, you have little chance of success. There are, however, smaller companies that accept work from unknown authors, so you can always try one of them. When at this stage, like I always say, Think positive, as positive thinking leads to positive results.

Apart from writing your book, you also need a suitable front cover page. This is important, as unless it stands out, you could well lose sales. The old saying you can tell a book by its cover is true. Just think for a minute. You are standing in a bookshop looking for something to read. Unless you are only looking for certain authors, a book cover that catches your eye is a book you are liable to buy. That, plus the write-up on the back cover and inside is what usually sells a book. One place I found re all aspects of writing is Fivver. I have had several of my book covers prepared via what they call gigs. These I think have turned out well, with my well pleased with the result. Remember, though, like everything else, it is best to check before you buy.

Price of your book is another consideration. If the cost is too high, you are unlikely to sell many copies. Most people buy lower priced books, which can result in a better profit than when you price your book too high.

I made a huge mistake when I had my memoir, Follow in the Tigerman’s Footsteps published in print. Despite the company saying I could change their suggested high cost, I could not.. Although I received a high-quality printed book, sales were a total disaster. Also, in those days I did not know as much as know now. As a result, although I paid to have it edited, it is far from good. Given this, I am in the process of revising it before having it re-edited.

I recommend that new writers join some writing clubs. These are free to join, with Facebook one of the best ways to find them. Just remember that these clubs are not intended as a one-way ticket. As well as learning from what people write and comment on, you should also contribute. So don’t become just another user, give and take should be your objective.

Podcasts are increasingly popular and a great way to get your word out about your latest offering. I did one several years ago and found it a great experience. Another way to get exposure is my doing online interviews. I have carried out a number of these. I recently took part in a Lisa Burton radio interview. This is much different than the usual type of interview, as the interviewer is a robot. I am looking forward to listening to it on the night of the 29th of March.

A few years ago, along with several other authors, I took part in a live American radio interview. I found it both interesting and exciting. It was organised via Ronnies Rave Reviews, another great site to get involved with re your writing/reading.

The main thing with writing is that you should enjoy doing it.


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