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Whereas wars were once fought face to face, now, with modern technology, weapons launched a thousand miles away can cause massive destruction and the loss of many lives. Unfortunately, however, technology is painfully slow in harnessing natures wealth of opportunities for the betterment of millions of people. It is a sad fact that countless millions do not have the luxury of electricity or clean drinking water. Without doubt, much of this sad situation is down to the major fuel suppliers not wishing to change from using fossil fuels that have made them extremely wealthy. Had they so wanted, they could have used their billions to find and use new technology to the benefit of millions who have never had the privilege of what many of us take for granted. But then, after all, no one wants to give up the Golden Goose. Fortunately, there are a growing number of small companies and individuals who are making headway in finding new types of technology. Unless these are bought up by major companies, it could result in what is so desperately needed by many people throughout the world.


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