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Technology today is now worlds apart from just a few years ago. Where once crippled by the loss of a hand or leg, now thanks to amazing advances in biotic science, artificial hands can now do things that a few years ago were thought impossible. It also enables some amputees to get out and about, and even become great sports persons. Face plants once only seen in films are also taking place. From the early days of Christian Bernard pioneer heart transplant, lungs, kidneys, eye cornea and other organs now give a second chance of life to some lucky people. However, despite these marvelous operations now taking place, not many are fortunate to have them. It will still take many years, if ever, before these types of operations are more widely available. Until then, I ask all to take pity on those who unfortunately have lost a limb, or an eye.

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Posted 03/07/2017 by Tigerman in Uncategorized

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