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You might find this statement shocking, but there are far too many people in our world.

This situation is only getting worse each year, with no sign of things getting any better.

Children are being born to die, as in many cases, parents are unable to support them.

Instead of some world leaders saying birth control is wrong and have more children.

They should stop and remember that not everyone is fortunate to live in an ivory tower.

With living cost rising and world resources drying up, their advice is vastly out of date.

People deserve better advice from those who are supposed to help them in their lives.

However, in this world that we live in, things are not always as they are supposed to be.

The saying “Nothing is what it seems,” is truer than what most people seem to realise.

As is “All that glitters is not gold.” Unless people understand this, nothing will change.

Despite what you might think, of all the killers in the world mankind is the worst of all.

We are slowly killing this world, which is why they now look for life on another planet.

It is time to stop and sort out our own world before we look for another one to mess up


All comments re this will be appreciated and answered.


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