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Nature & the Environment   Leave a comment

Nature sometimes can be devastating with flood, earthquakes and fires resulting in the death of thousands. On the other hand, it gives joy to millions of people throughout the world, in the form of staggering scenery, animals and birds of all shapes sizes and colors At least it does to those fortunate enough to be able to see them. However, despite the best efforts of thousands of people worldwide, due to greed, corruption and short-sightedness of others, many of these wonderful sights are disappearing before our eyes. Poaching of animals for their body parts is causing huge losses of life. Unless a miracle happens, these animals will soon be lost forever. Enormous forests are being cut down at an alarming rate, causing loss of habitat for wildlife and an increase in global warming. It is also causing a huge loss of drinking water that effects millions. Some say that the lack of water could well lead to the next world war. With the loss of nature and the excitement of what one can presently see, countries that rely on tourism to survive, will find huge reductions in revenues. This lack of money will only result in these countries becoming poorer, and millions of people suffering. Unlike buildings, nature cannot be easily replaced. It is important to all that this message is understood, and not ignored as it has been for far too many years.


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Help Wanted   Leave a comment

Work on my novel is progressing, with my now trying to find a suitable title. It is based on a love affair between two people. One is a famous and attractive female author, and a younger man who is struggling to write a best seller. Their romance is disrupted by life threatening events, caused by her ex-lover, who decides he will do whatever it takes to put a stop to it.

So far I have come up with the following possibilities. Please let me know what you think of these.

A Deadly Romance

Dangerous Love Affair

Danger Follows Love

Love Conquers All

Any other suggestions you can offer would be much appreciated.

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Re editing your writing   Leave a comment

For all those at the self editing stage of your writing, I suggest you have a hard copy printed off. It really is amazing in the difference you will see from reading this, and what you see on the screen. When having it printed, if you increase the size of the font and line spacing, you will be able to add notes wherever you find something that needs adjusting. I feel sure that like me, you will be pleased at the results you will obtain after using this method.

Please let me know if you found this of help.

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