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Well, Tigerman is pleased to say that I have finished it, and now busy going through it to edit and revise it. This I might add, is not the first time of doing so. I had a hard copy printed off and made up notes from that, and now in the process of putting all the revisions I made on the computer. Once finished, I will then have another hard copy made and go through it again. After that, I will run it though an online editing program, before having it professionally edited. Although this may sound a lot of work, I know it will help in  my achieving a well written book. With a mixture of love, sex and drama, I think it will make for interesting reading. Watch this space for further updates.


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9 Steps To Editing Your Novel   Leave a comment

Source: 9 Steps To Editing Your Novel

Check this out to help you get better results with your writing. The main is that once you have done as suggested, make sure you get your work professionally edited before publishing or seeking an agent. This one thing is an absolute must if you want to be successful.

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