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Buying property in Istanbul and around the Antalya region in Turkey

First, to live in Turkey, you require a residence permit, which you can obtain by applying at an immigration department, with the cost depending on which country you are from.     Due to frequent changes in the law, it is best to check-out online at to get the latest information on what the requirements are.

If coming to work in Istanbul, be sure the apartment you will be living in is nearby, as due to heavy traffic, you could well find yourself stuck in traffic jams, on the way to and back from work. Also, if thinking of buying an old apartment in Istanbul, be sure to find out if it is liable to be knocked down and rebuilt. In the area where I live, many older apartment blocks are being demolished and rebuilt. Although this is good, if one or more of the owner’s object to this process, it can take several years before a final court decision allows this work to be carried out. In addition, the new apartments being built are usually higher, and so be careful that you won’t lose the glorious view from your living room window.

Due to the drastic drop of tourism in the Antalya region during the first half of 2016, there are a great number of apartments for sale, with prices far lower than a few years ago. However, it should be noted that temperatures in this area during the peak summer months, often hits the late 40-50 degrees centigrade, whereas in Istanbul, it is far cooler and around 34 degrees.

Note. For those with young children coming to live in Turkey, schools start and finish early, with pupils having over three months’ holiday during the long hot summer.




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