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What the world needs now is peace, not war, but unfortunately, with some world leaders what chance is there. In many parts of the world there is conflict, with thousands killed, countless women raped, abused and sold into slavery, with many young children turned into soldiers. Enough is enough we say, but our words fall on deaf ears. Unless something is done to stop all this, we are heading for self-destruction. The worlds leaders have to realise that unless things change, sooner or later the people will rise up and take over. This would result in millions, not thousands of deaths and lead us into to anarchy. At present we only see this  on films, but do we really want this to happen to us in real life. I think the answer is a definite no, so in any and every small way possible, each of us has to do our best to ensure that this never happens.

Source: Peace not War

Posted 23/12/2016 by Tigerman in Uncategorized

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