Journey from Hell to Eden – Poetry by Colin Guest. Read by Dan Cristofori   Leave a comment

Unfortunately, the sound quality is poor

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Watch Journey from Hell to Eden

Get to know poet Colin Guest:

1) What is the theme of your poem?

The theme is about love arising from a desperate situation.

2) How would you like people to respond when they read or watch your poetry reading?

I would like them to realise that everyone is not as lucky as they are, but life is full of surprises

3) How long have you been writing poetry?

I started writing poems back in 1985 while feeling loney working overseas.

4) Do you have a favorite poet?

No, sorry to say.

5) What influenced you to submit to WILDsound and have your poetry performed by a professional actor?

I have submitted other works to Wildsound with part of a chapter from my memoir, Follow in the Tigerman’s Footsteps read out last year.

6) Do you write other works? scripts? Short Stories? Etc..?

Yes, apart…

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