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You’ve charted quite an adventure here— the author who then becomes embroiled in an international, high-stakes thriller-esque affair. It’s got loads of James Bond appeal, mixed with the approachability of an everyman protagonist, which is wonderful.

Although the publisher did not accept my book for publishing, I thought their comment above, was a good indication that my writing is heading in the right direction. It is always good for an author to receive praise for the time and effort they put into their writing.

At present, my novel Dangerous Love Affair is being made into an audiobook via Amazon ACX. All being well it will be available in early March to join  four other of my books presently available in both audio, and digital format via Draft2Digital. Why not take a look, who knows you might well find something you fancy reading.

At present I have two completed manuscripts that I am in the process of looking for a publisher. One, Never Pull the Tiger’s Tail, is a follow up to my last self-published book, Desperation Rules the Day. With the present situation between America and Iran not looking to get any better, who knows what will happen. My book gives you a sense of what could be one outcome. The other manuscript Fatal Love, is a romance mixed with explict love making scenes. Perfect for those who like reading sexy stories.


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I am delighted to say that since writing my last post, I have had three of my books made into audiobooks, via Amazon ACX.  These are the following.

Terror Holiday, is a short story about the attempted coup here in Turkey in 2016. see link

Impending Disaster, is  a fiction book, in which I sincerely hope the events never happen in real life. see link The story is about three friends out on a sightseeing trip when their plane crashes on top of a mountain. While on their way down to the town below, they make a startling discovery. It leads to most of the inhabitants being  saved from a watery grave. What with all the cutbacks in public services, the story shows that money saved, is sometimes far outweighed by the loss of lives and destruction of property

Desperation Rules the Day, is my latest book,  see link   With Iran suffering under the effects of mainly American sanctions, it gives an idea of what a country in turmoil might do to divert public anger. After all, no government likes the thought of being kicked out of power due to a public uprising.

Another audiobook, based on an earlier book of mine, For the Greater Good, is now under production. The main character in this book re-appears in Desperation Rules the Day, and is also in the sequel, Never Pull the Tigers Tail that I am presently completing.

In early 2019, my novel, A Dangerous Love Affair is due to be made into an audiobook. Based on comments I received re the published version, I have since revised and had the book re-edited. I think those readers who like a romance story mixed with erotic lovemaking, will enjoy reading, and listening to it once it has been completed

Apart from my audiobooks, I have completed another romance/erotic short story. I am expecting it to be early published next year, and presently awaiting to receive approval and a contract from a publisher. Watch this space for further news.

For those who read and leave a review on anyone of my books, (check-out Draft2Digital for a full list). I will send you a free copy of the first chapter of Never Pull the Tigers Tail. All being well, I will then write the concluding sequel to these three books.

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This is the title of my new short action/adventure story. It is based on fiction, and something I hope never comes true. However, what with all the cutbacks in government services in numerous countries, what I have written could well happen. Cutbacks can well save money, but can also prove more costly in the long term. But more importantly, whereas money, can be replaced,  life once gone, has gone forever.

From the feedback I have so far received, it suggests my book could prove interesting to a wide range of readers. Also, for what it’s worth, my wife thinks it’s the best book I have yet written. After its release on the 22nd April, only time will tell if they are right or wrong. Either way, I have enjoyed writing it, and since getting it professionally edited, am well pleased with the results. For those interested, the book cover was designed by Marooh, via a gig on Fiveer. He has  prepared several of my books covers, which I have been well pleased with.

Re my writing, I am looking for someone prepared to assist in making an audio version of my recent novel, A Dangerous Love affair. If interested check it out on Amazon ACX. Please note the book contains erotica, and requires in my opinion, a male reader, who can talk in both male and female voices.

Once it is released,  I will also put my latest book, Impending Disaster on Amazon ACX.  As it is a short book of approx 8,000 words, I think it could be highly suitable as an audiobook. This could turn out an excellent project for someone willing to take a gamble on its success. Below is an excerpt from the book.

Ian, Mark and Jane were enjoying a pleasant sightseeing trip over the mountains. All of a sudden, as they flew through some light hazy clouds, it turned into a nightmare. Their light banter changed to shrill cries of alarm as the windscreen cracked, with blood and feathers flying everywhere.They had flown straight into a flock of geese. Mark gasped in horror as one bird flew beak-first into the cockpit screen. Already damaged, it broke under the impact with the now dead bird’s head stuck partly inside. With the single-engine Cessna Skyhawk engine jammed, and damaged wings, the plane plunged down towards the tree-clad mountaintop.

For those interested in making an audio of either book, please contact me.

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