Desperation Rules the Day, my first book trailer video   Leave a comment

Video trailer for Desperation Rules the day


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Since my last post, thanks to Endevour Media, another two of my books are available on Amazon The first is 

An Expats Experiences of Living in Turkey 

Copter flying above the old town of Dubrovnik in Croatia  In this memoir-cum-emigration guide, Colin Guest recounts his thirty fascinating years as an Englishman in Turkey.

The second is For the Greater Good. 

Octocopter, copter, drone

Copter flying above the old town of Dubrovnik in Croatia

When Jeff, a black-ops specialist, learns his brother has died in police custody in Yemen, he’s determined to get answers. But even he, experienced as he is in major political crises, could never imagine the gravity of the stakes…


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Now out on Amazon   Leave a comment

I am deligted to announce that the first three of my books to be re released by Endevour Media are now available from Amamazon. Check them out via the links below.  Desperation Rules the Day  Impending Disaster   Follow in the Tigerman’s Footsteps

Please leave your comments re these or any other of my books on It would be much appreciated as it would help me to understand what readers like, and did not about them.

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Never Pull the Tiger’s Tail   Leave a comment

This is my latest book that will be published on the 2nd August 2019 by Endevour Media, under the name Tigerman Press. Tigerman being a name I use on various of my social media sites. I use this name as I love tigers and have adopted one for the past 12 years.Never Pull the Tiger's Tail (1)

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Re Fatal Love   Leave a comment

I am pleased to announce that Fatal Love is now available in digital format from Amazon and Smashwords. The print version is presently only available from Liquid Gold.

If your sex life is getting boring, then you should read this book. The sizzling sex scences are enough to awaken a statue.

Fatal Love

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Tigerman’s update   Leave a comment

Fatal LoveSince my last post, I am pleased to announce that Pink Flamingo Publishing have put Fatal Love, my erotic/romance short story on sale. It is presenly available in print, but  will soon be available in digital format. They have also agreed to publish, my erotic/romantic novel, A Dangerous Love Affair. All being well it will be available in print later in the year. I had been intending to try and write a screnplay based on my novel, but from various sources realise it is too long. I have however, not given up on writing a screenplay. If nothing else, it should prove challenging.

Endevour Media have now all but completed aranging new covers/write-ups for my other books. Once finalised, they will then be back on sale under the name Tigerman Press. I think those seeing these new covers will agree that they look more in keeping with the titles.

In the meantime, I am in the process of writing two more short stories. One an erotic/romace, the other is the sequel to Desperation Rules the Day. The second in the series, Never Pull the Tigers Tail, is among those to be released shortly by Endeavour Media. What with all the tense and worsening situation between Iran and America, I feel sure readers will find these books both interesting and bang up todate.

Please note. Should any authors be looking for someone to critique their  thriller or erotica bsed books, please contact me with a view of exchange.

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Fabulous News   Leave a comment

I have just signed a contract with Pink Flamingo, a media company who will publish my romance/erotic manuscript entitled Fatal Love. I look forward to seeing it once it is distributed  in both print and digital format.

Not only that, I have also signed a contract with Endevour  Media. Given this, stand by for the release of new covers for some of my books. The company will be handling distributation of  all  my other book, plus my manuscript, Never Pull the Tiger’s Tail. This is a follow up to my last ppublished book Desperation Rules the Day. With the onging situation between America and Iran, it is bang up todate.  I am now working on the sequel to these two books .Watch this space for further updates. re this, and the two media companies.

On the audio front, my novel, A Dangerous Love Affair has recently been made into an audiobook via ACX. It will be available soon to join the other five of my audiobooks also made via Amazon ACX.

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