After updating the film script For the Greater Good, I am now working on another script based on Desperation Rules the Day, another thriller of mine. In between, I am adding more chapters to my latest thriller, Accidental Death. This story, although fiction, will I feel sure, catch the attention of some governments. Hopefully, without causing me any problems.   Leave a comment

Due to problems having editing carried out to, It Happened in Barcelona, my latest hot romance story, I am now searching for another editor. Once done and I have made a final check, I will send it to a few publishing companies for their comments. However, if nothing comes of it, I shall self-publish via Draft2Digital. It is them who are now dealing with all of my other books. After the company that was handling four of my books was taken over, the rights to these books were returned to me. Two of these books have since been put back online. I am now going through and updating/revising the two memoirs, Follow in the Tigermans Footsteps, and, An Expat’s Experiences of Living in Turkey. Once completed, they will be available in both digital and print formats from all main distributors.

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My romantic novel, An Unforgettable Cruise, is now for sale from all main distributors. In the meantime, I have sent my latest novel, another romantic story, It Happened In Barcelona, to several publishing companies to see if there is any interest. I received one offer to publish it, but as the company wanted me to pay 2,500 pounds to do so, I rejected their offer. I’ve been writing a film script based on my novel A Dangerous Love Affair, but from advice given by Stage 32, I need to re-write it. Given this, I decided to first re-write the script, logline, and synopsis that I had previously written, based on my thriller, For the Greater Good. As I had received numerous views from a variety of film companies who had seen it on Ink, they may well find the new version, more to their satisfaction. Apart from this, I am also writing a short thriller entitled, Accidental Death. With its contents, this story will I’m sure, attract some attention from certain governments.

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Since revivised and having my published romance novel A Dangerous Love Affair professionally edited, I have had a digital version republished with Draft2Digital. A print version will shortly be available. For those who like a romance story mixed with dangerous incidents and travel to exotic locations, this is a must read.

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After submitting my story For the Greater Good to a producer on the above site, I received some positive feedback. Although he liked my idea of using my story for a film adaption it lacked conflict. I am now in the process of adding more into my story that once done will I feel sure make the story more interesting to readers. For those who don’t know, Stage 32 like InkTip are two of the best sites to get your stories made into films.

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Like poetry in motion

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After previously submitting Desperation Rules the Day to a producer via Stage 32, and receiving comments , I have now submitted For the Greater Good to another producer via Stage 32. This is a fictional thriller based in Yemen, where the self-proclaimed president is assasinated by toy drones. Since I wrote this book, a real life president has been assasinated using a drone.

Apart from this, I have also submitted the same screenplay along with a synopsis to Ink Tip. These two companies are I think are the best places to use if you are trying to get your book infront of a producer.

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I sent a query to two producers from Stage 32 who I have been a member for several years, about the possibility of using one of my books for a posible film adaptaion. I was pleased with the feedback I received that gave me a few ideas. For any author interested in getting their books made into films, I suggest you check them out. There are several options to chose from, with a written one far cheaper than a personal phone call.

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After a coaching call with Mark Malatesta re my latest manuscript, I obtained some good ideas of how I can improve my writing. Even more important, how to write a query letter that will draw attention from publishing agents. For those authors who do not know Mark, I suggest you check out his site. I don’t think you will be disappointed.   Leave a comment

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Words of how to express your love without breaking the bank, and much more personal

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While still waithing to hear back about my manuscript An Unforgettable Cruise, I have arranged a phone call with a producer. This is about my trilogy of thrillers, Desperation Rules the Day that I think could be suitable to be used for a film adaption. You might laugh, but who know, after all, nothing ventured nothing gained. In regards to this, I sent in a pitch re this to two other people in the business. Watch this space for further updates.

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